Senior Data Scientist



EPFL and ETH Zurich are seeking enthusiastic and experienced candidates with a proven track record in machine learning, statistics or data mining applied to large-scale real-world problems to staff up their upcoming national R&D center for data science.

In this role, you will apply your practical experience in mining, cleansing, and analyzing messy data, your deep understanding of data science algorithms, and your willingness to write code to explore problems and understand data, all while solving challenging real-world problems at large scale. You will work hand-in-hand with experts (academics and from the private sector) in domains ranging from personalized health and personalized medicine, Smart / Future cities - in particular transportation and energy - earth and environmental science, smart manufacturing, computational social science and economics, and digital humanities.

Specifically, you will:

Candidates are expected to possess deep hands-on experience in solving complex real-world problems using data-driven methods. The ideal candidate also has a good background in Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark), and with building applications at scale.

About Us

The Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC, is a national center between EPFL and ETH Zurich, whose mission is to accelerate the use of data science and machine learning techniques broadly within academic disciplines of the ETH Domain and the Swiss academic community at large. It aims to federate data providers, data and computer scientists, and subject-matter experts around a cutting-edge analytics platform offering domain-specific “Insights-as-a-Service” while addressing security and privacy issues inherent to the field of data science. The SDSC will be composed of a large multi-disciplinary team of data & computer scientists and experts in relevant domains, distributed between our offices in Lausanne and Zurich. The unique synergy that the center will enable among the institutions of the ETH Domain and between academic and industrial stakeholders in both data science and across carefully selected domains is expected to foster scientific breakthroughs with significant societal impact.




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